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The #15DaysOfCSS email series ran September 13 - October 1, 2021, at Substack. If you joined us later, register for this course, which will start emailing you one post a day for 15 continuous days (no weekend breaks, sorry!).

The course is FREE - enter $0 where it says "name a fair price."

The first email will go out immediately after you sign up. You'll then receive one email per day for the next 15 days.

What is #15DaysOfCSS?

Receive one email a day for 15 business days, featuring CSS concepts as explained by navbars.

Expand your CSS repertoire, including selectors, box model, layouts, hamburger buttons, basic and advanced styling, example code, and links to more learning.

Brought to you by Jen Kramer and Erika Lee, who brought you the wildly popular #30DaysOfHTML in April 2021.

Navbars? Seriously?

Yeah, navbars. No one has ever taught you CSS this way. All of the other ways didn’t work, did they? Exactly.

Navbars, because:

  • Navbars are present on every website out there, so they’re super relevant.

  • Navbars are always made up of the same basic HTML. (We’ll cover this on Day 1.)

  • Navbars have a bunch of boxes. Many CSS misunderstandings start with the box model.

  • Your navbars suck. We want you to do better.

Who is this for?

If you learned CSS in your frontend development career, it consisted of a class, color: red, and “soooo easy, you’ll figure it out.”

As with #30DaysOfHTML, we promise to cover the WHY of CSS, not just the syntax. The syntax is easy. The why is not.

We’ll review basic CSS concepts you might have learned, plus explain things you didn’t know. Or maybe you knew them, but you were never able to explain them adequately.

In other words, you may not love CSS by the time you’re done with this course. But you will understand it better.

But I don’t know CSS… yet

If you want to learn CSS from knowing nothing at all, I recommend my free boot camp at Frontend Masters.

If you’ve taken the boot camp already, or if you’ve been doing web development for some time, you will find this series a great next step in developing frontend web development skills.

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FREE: #15DaysOfCSS Email Series

0 ratings
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