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#30DaysofHTML and #15DaysOfCSS
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This is the companion book to #15DaysOfCSS, the free email course which explains CSS concepts using navbars. The book contains all of the individual emails compiled into an e-book.

Expand your CSS repertoire, including selectors, box model, layouts, hamburger buttons, basic and advanced styling, example code, and links to more learning.

Brought to you by Jen Kramer and Erika Lee, who brought you the wildly popular #30DaysOfHTML in April 2021.

We Assume You Know Basic CSS

❌ We are not going to teach you what’s a class, a property or a value, or how to link to a stylesheet. Nope. You are on your own for knowing these basic basics.

✅ We are going to talk lots about selectors, the cascade, inheritance, specificity, Flexbox, positioning, and accessibility. You may have learned some of this along the way, but it's likely you'll pick up a few new tricks.

✅ If there's more topics you want us to cover, be sure to email and ask!

🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏻 If you don’t know CSS, but want to learn, we recommend watching the 🎒free bootcamp at Frontend Masters.

Parts of the Challenge

We’ve grouped our elements into five exciting units:

  • Basic basics

  • Vertical navbars

  • Horizontal navbars

  • Responsive navbars

  • Other navbar considerations

However, unlike the previous #30DaysOfHTML challenge, we will skip around these concepts as needed, rather than working through a full unit before moving on.

Daily Explanation and Challenges

Every day you’ll receive an email with at least one CSS concept discussed in detail.

We’ll explain the day's concept(s), give you examples in the email, and link to more examples on CodePen. We provide links to more reading and to video content where you can learn more.

Finally, we’ll give you a short quiz or a quick challenge each day, so you can try out the CSS we’ve introduced and test your knowledge.

Don’t worry. No one will see your grade. 😁

What’s Not Included

💯 This challenge is certified 100% free of JavaScript.

Except for Day 1, where we talk about navbar markup (where else would we start?), we don't spend a lot of time on HTML.

Measuring Success

We will consider this challenge a success if any one of the following happens to you the next time you code a web page:

❤️ You are embarrassed by the CSS trashing you see happening on Twitter. Better, you decide to change it.

💛 Your CSS starts to make more sense. No need for !important in odd places anymore!

💚 You learn at least one new CSS concept that you may apply to your work immediately.

💙 You have fun, and ask Jen and Erika to run another challenge. More layouts? Form markup and styling?

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#15DaysOfCSS E-book

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